Monday, September 25, 2006

The Super 8

The “Super 8” consists of eight fabulously smart and beautiful women who grew close in business school and due to circumstance. We developed into a support group of sorts for each other, regularly getting together at each others’ places, hosting large parties, and dressing in theme at volleyball tournaments and costume parties. It has gotten to the point where if anyone wants to get something done, build attendance at a Happy Hour, raise money for a cause, just getting the word out about something, they know to contact one of the Super 8, and through our large network, we will make it happen, we will get it done. We’ve become a chick-flick-kind-of-clique.

I suppose that sounds a tad kitschy. Well, I don’t suppose at all. It does sound bad. ---Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a big fan of chick flicks. As a matter of fact, I’m not a typical girlie girl at all. I don’t like pink. I don’t cry during movies. I don’t eat frozen yogurt. And I love red meat. But my rapport with these seven women, my relationship with them is invaluable; it cannot be easily replaced. Our conversations, many of them, will be taken to our graves. Too bad, too…because a playwright would love to be a fly on the wall at one of our wine-and-dines. We are a living and breathing movie script, a good one. And probably, no, most certainly not of the chick flick variety.

We’ve all graduated from business school now and have since moved on to successful careers, or are on the cusp of successful careers, saying good-bye to what we used to think was right or what we were used to…before business school and before being empowered, no, more so enlightened. Some of us have begun new interpersonal chapters in our lives, and have started new and exciting relationships, or revived old ones that were always worth it. Some of us have ended them. Some of us own property now, in nicer parts of town with beautiful furniture (and fuzzy cats…my “shout out” to Simon). Some of us regularly jetset for work…from mundane places like Connecticut to exciting places like Aspen. Some of us are big fish in small ponds, working as vital members of smaller companies on the verge of greatness, while others of us are completely swallowed up by Corporate America in large Fortune 500 companies trying to validate our roles in the Corporate jungle.

I’ve never felt more of a sense of freedom or more of a sense of camaraderie in my life than I have these past several years.

We are a dynamic group of fabulously smart and beautiful women who grew close in spite of business school and in spite of circumstance. I hope things never change. And yet I hope things never stop changing….

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